Go Kart Club of Victoria

Volunteers Needed

As president of one the best and most successful clubs in Australia I am writing this letter to all members and their families and friends, in a bid for your assistance.

Our club is in desperate need of volunteers to assist in running our race meetings and specifically, our club day meetings.

Over the past 12 months we have noted a steady decline in official’s numbers to the point where we run the real risk of having to cancel a club day meeting due to not having enough people to organise and run the meeting.

This attrition rate is due to several circumstances which include people moving on to other fields of endeavour, several retirements  and other volunteers just "burning out".

The shortage of people willing to volunteer to help run a meeting is not limited to just our club.

Many clubs are having to cancel their club day meets, because of lack of officials and volunteers for much of the same reasons as above. We need to ensure that this does not happen to our club, by lightening the workload on our existing volunteers.

If you are able to assist in any way, we can guarantee that you will have a unique vantage point to watch the trackside action from very close quarters!

We need a starter, grid marshals, leading up to trainee stewards and Clerk of Course accreditation.

Assistance and training will be given to new volunteers.

Please have a think about these positions as they are rewarding and you would be doing a great service to your club.

For further information, please contact either Gary Haythorpe, John Wall or Stella Pringle.

Best Regards,
John Wall