2014 President’s Report

I would like to thank my executive and Race committee for their support over the past 12 months. The committee have worked diligently and we have achieved positive results both financially and in the continued improvement of the club’s facilities and infrastructure.


Our membership base continues to be strong and I believe our numbers are more than holding its own, compared to other clubs.
One of our mission statements has always been to make new members feel welcome and help them assimilate into the club as smoothly as possible. We believe this is the main reason we lead other clubs in our attraction and retention of members. Our members are also well aware of the fantastic track layout and surface that they get to race on.

Financial Position.

Thanks to good financial management and business acumen of our committee, I am pleased to report that our financial position is strong and this enables the club to continue to both maintain and improve our facilities.
We generate income in many ways, which includes conducting successful race meetings, selling advertising and hiring the track for many outside promotional activities. The committee manages to do this without adversely affecting member’s use of the track. This reduces the need to increase membership costs excessively.
Our liabilities continue to be rental each year from Parks Victoria, and an interest free loan from the VKA which we are steadily whittling away. Of course we also have ongoing maintenance and repairs to buildings, the track itself and grounds.

Track and Infrastructure.

Improvements to the buildings and track continue and most members will have noticed the subtle improvements to the facilities. Our plans to resurface the track in November last year together with new kerbs materialised and we now have one of the finest surfaces of any track in Australia.
Other works included upgrading and improving our timing system, refurbishment of the toilet block, revitalised sound system and upgraded safety fencing - delivered as promised.

Race Meetings.

To ensure the long-term financial stability of the club, it is imperative that we continue to organise and conduct our open race meetings with the same degree of professionalism that we have achieved over past years. We are achieving this by training newer members to organise and run meetings, thus spreading the load and providing redundancy backup should key members be absent.
The Club’s ability to organise and conduct successful meetings is not lost on event promoters or KA officials alike. This almost guarantees that the club is never overlooked for open meetings.


I would like to thank all committee members and friends for their spare time and assistance in achieving the club’s goals and achievements.
I thank the members who gave of their time to assist the club in varying roles throughout the year. These roles included lap scorers, scrutineers, grid and scales marshals and track officials.
With Karting Australia’s new whole of sport review and its ramifications with eligibility rules and regulations, I am sure that the club will look after the rank and file of members with a steady transition over the next few years. Changes and streamlining needed to happen but we must ensure that no one is disadvantaged to an unacceptable level.
In closing I wish the incoming executive committee every success in maintaining the club and everything it stands for.

Yours Sincerely,

John Wall