Go Kart Club of Victoria

Club Days @ GKCV 2022

Club Day Racing

Club days are generally run on the last Sunday of each month.

Each club day will have 1 timed practice and 4 races with points scored in each race which goes towards the years standings. The Gold Cup is also included in the Club Championship. The highest point scorers at the end of the year will be crowned Club Champion for their respective class.


6.30am Gates Open
7.45am Close of entries
8.00am Drivers Briefing
8.15am Timed Practice
Racing starts at the completion of Timed Practice.

Club Day Racing


Entries to: Online or at Registration / Confirmation Point on day of racing
Close of entry: 7.45am sharp

Format of Racing

Note: the race format may vary. Please check the supp regs for confirmation of race format.
4 minute timed practice – (Timed Practice Session will determine grid positions for Heats)
Heats 1 and 2: 8 Laps each – Results from timed practise – Fastest to the front for Heats 1 & 2
Heat 3: 8 laps - Points from Finishing Positions of Heats 1 & 2 with highest points to pole
Final: 12 Laps – Final only counts – The Grid positions for the final will be set from combined points of
Heats 1,2 & 3 with the highest points to pole and so on.


Jan 16    
Feb 6    
Mar 27    
May 1    
June 26    
July 31    
August 28    
September 25    
October 30    
November 27    


Classes Offered

  • Cadet 9
  • Cadet 12
  • KA4 Junior Light
  • KA4 Junior Heavy
  • KA3 Junior
  • KA3 Senior Light
  • KA3 Senior Medium
  • TAG 125 Light
  • TAG 125 Heavy
  • TAG 125 Masters
  • Victorian Combined Light
  • Victorian Combined Medium
  • Victorian Combined Masters
  • Open Performance